High Arctic Haulers

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7 x 44 mins

To exist in the high arctic, you must be resilient, resourceful and willing to beat the odds. And for what the land doesn’t supply, you rely on The Sealift—an annual armada of cargo ships that resupplies dozens of the most isolated communities in Canada. High Arctic Haulers follows five cargo ships and their crews as they leave Montreal to chase a narrow window when the retreating ice briefly allows their passage to the communities at top of the world.

There is no place in the world more difficult to move cargo than the arctic. Complicated by weather, iceand a lack of infrastructure, each ship is self-sufficient—complete with tugs, barges, cranesand loaders to land and deliver on Canada’s most remote shorelines. The goods they deliver make possible an entire way of life: construction materials for a new school, a community’s first taxi cab, toys, food and sports equipment for kids and communities. For everyone who lives in these remote communities, the day The Sealift arrives is bigger than Christmas.

In a gruelling test of endurance, where tradition and ambition meet, the story of adventure and resilience thrives.