24 x 60 mins

Kru Pitt, Taylor Starr and Adam Palmer explore the treacherous Pacific Northwest, tackling wild weather, steep terrain and a deadly curse to find a legendary lost gold mine. With a narrow window before winter descends, it’s a race against the elements to find their prize. From hidden cabins to Spanish cannons, forged maps to mysterious inscriptions, glacial burial grounds to ancient abandoned mines, each episode tracks the team as they uncover and examine a new lead that’ll send them down incredible unforeseen paths. Combining their unique skills with incredible new technology, the team explores some of the wildest, most rugged terrain in North America to reveal the secrets hidden beneath the surface.

Kru and company encounter wise elders, intrepid archeologists and rival prospectors—some working with the team, others searching alone as they follow their own theories. All desperate to discover the truth and lay their hands on the lost gold. Even if it takes years to close the book on this epic mystery, their discoveries will rewrite the history of the Pacific Northwest.