Bell Media Announces Three Great Pacific Media Renewals

HIGHWAY THRU HELL (Season 10) – Discovery

Featuring stories of remarkable strength and fearless dedication, the series chronicles the lives of heroic rescue teams who often put their own lives at risk to help keep vital transport highways open and communities safe. Dropping everything to respond, it is their duty to remove the often-dangerous cargo, clean up the twisted metal, clear the road, and get traffic rolling again for thousands of drivers. The latest season of HIGHWAY THRU HELL is a Top 3 Canadian series across all Entertainment Specialty networks this broadcast year to date in the key A25-54 demo. (Great Pacific Media)


HEAVY RESCUE: 401 (Season 6) – Discovery

Featuring compelling extreme winter wrecks and roadside rescues on Ontario’s notorious 400-series highways, HEAVY RESCUE: 401 tells the stories of heavy recovery operators who fight to clear wrecks, flip trucks, and keep drivers moving. Close to half-a-million vehicles travel these highways every day, requiring government and police forces to depend on the experienced men and women of Canada’s towing industry – ready to work just inches from open lanes and speeding traffic – when disaster strikes. Season 5 of HEAVY RESCUE: 401 was amongst the Top 10 series on Discovery for A25-54 this broadcast year. (Great Pacific Media)


MUD MOUNTAIN HAULERS (Season 2) – Discovery

This docu-series follows Craig LeBeau and his three-generation LeBeau Bros. family logging business through the steepest, muddiest conditions in North America. They face blizzards, machine breakdowns, mountain-side roll-overs, all while in a race to beat the hellacious mud of spring breakup. The crew must work steeper, higher, and more treacherous terrain than others dare. The debut season of MUD MOUNTAIN HAULERS is the #3 Canadian program on Discovery for Adults 25-54 this broadcast year. (Great Pacific Media)